How To Avoid A Big Tax Surprise In 2019

With only five months left in 2018, it is probably time you start thinking about what your income taxes will look like before the end of the year.  The 2018 Trump tax overhaul not only changed the entire tax table system, but there were serious alterations for individuals and small businesses that could throw a real knot in your income taxes if you don’t carefully plan.  The challenge for most families is that they plan reactively versus proactively often only thinking about taxing when it is time either write a check or collect a refund.  Here are my five ways to avoid a big tax surprise come March or April in 2019.   Review Your Withholdings And Do A Mock Tax Projection The IRS did an overhaul of the tax withholding tables and most people didn’t change their withholdings from Married 1 or Single 2 or wherever you had your overall withholdings. The big question you want to start with ...

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