Can Anyone Make Change For A $100?

What is going on with the math skills in America? With more and more young people using ATM cards, debit cards, and credit cards to make their purchases, I am beginning to wonder if anyone can make change of a $100 bill anymore. A few disclaimers about $100 bills in general before I tell you why I ask this important question. Number one, what’s the deal with people who work in $8.00 an hour jobs that actually check the $100 bill to see if it is counterfeit. The FBI can’t figure this out with all of their sophisticated technology, but Doris at the hot dog stand at the airport is going to figure the case out by holding the bill up in the light and swiping it with a highlighter pen?  Second, do convenience stores really not accept $100 bills or it is just that nobody there can make change for a $100 bill as well?  Just checking. So . ...

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