The New Way To Pay For College Debt

If there isn’t enough pressure for kids to get into college today, the pressure is mounting on the pressure for kids to pay off their college debt.  With student debt obligations now surpassing credit card obligations with more than 1.4 trillion dollars in outstanding debt, the question is looming about when this bubble is going to burst.  Millions of students are in default of their loans and the reality of this amounting hill of debt is limiting the new generations from buying homes and starting families. With all of this mounting concern, colleges may have found a new way to help students deal with the rising cost of college. It’s called the Income Sharing Arrangement, and it appears that venture debt has just hit the world of college education. Here’s a little big of background on the ISA, and even large schools like Purdue University have the Back A Boiler program where they say “It’s not a loan. You’re not ...

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Personal Finance 101 – College Education Planning – What Types Of Savings Vehicles Can You Use? —

Last week I discussed some of the assumptions you should be thinking about when it comes to planning for the goal of paying for your children’s college education.    Once you figure out the important metrics for each child on how much money you need to save monthly, the next step is to determine which of the myriad savings vehicles out there will serve you best in reaching your goal.   Since the tax laws and legal laws are different from state to state, I highly recommend you consult a financial advisor and/or a CPA before you make any final decisions as each of vehicles have tax and/or control implications down the road.    Here are few types of options that you may consider when investing your lump sum or monthly savings. 529 Plan Or Prepaid Plan – 529 Plans are usually where I get the biggest questions when it pertains to college planning.   Essentially, 529 plans are a way to save after-tax ...

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