Four Television Words That Make You Lose Money

If you really want to see something funny, spend eight minutes this Sunday morning watching this 2009 video of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.  This particular episode poked fun at Jim Cramer, Rick Santelli, and other financial pundits for telling people to continue to buy stocks in a raging bull market before the bottom fell out (View The Clip).  The video is particularly amusing due to one of Stewart’s greatest quotes (in my opinion) “I would have a million dollars today if I followed CNBC’s advice . . . provided that I started with a hundred million dollars.” With the Dow Jones Industrial Average hitting 16,000, it reminds me that two very powerful words are at the heart of most money decisions:  Greed and Fear.   For years, I have always shared that Fear is just an acronym for “False Evidence Appearing Real”.   Fear makes us do squirrely things with our money.   Greed, on the other hand, jerks at our emotions ...

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