Atlanta Small Business Profile – Jane Reid, Can You Imagine? Residential Gift Solutions

On this week’s episode of the Atlanta Small Business Profile, Ted Jenkin sits down with CEO of Can You Imagine? Residential Gift Solutions, Jane Reid. Can You Imagine? has been partnering with property management companies in the multi-family industry for over 20 years. They help property managers build and strengthen their relationships with residents from day one. From prospect to renewal, Can You Imagine? strives to assist properties in boosting their annual renewal rates. According to Jane, gifts are an amenity at any property. Welcoming residents properly, and starting that relationship off strong, sets the tone for the entire living experience. Jane believes that the value of a gift can go a long way. Not just a branded swag bag, but a nice blend of gifts that say thank you, and express your appreciation can initiate a strong connection between resident and manager. To find out more about Jane and Can You Imagine?, be sure to watch our full interview ...

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VIDEO | Top 5 New Years Resolutions

Published on: January 21, 2013 @ 11:00 It’s hard to imagine that another year has passed by so quickly.   In the wake of the fiscal cliff coming down the stretch, it seems ironic that we would be discussing financial New Year’s resolutions.  http://bit.ly/UMnENB  You would think that our politicians and policymakers alike could learn a little bit from my top five this year.    No matter how all of the information gets relayed to us about this fiscal cliff, you can be 100% certain of simple mathematics.   You cannot make progress when your expenses exceed your revenue and more often than not leverage will get you in deep financial trouble.    If you can learn that basic financial principle from what you have witnessed with our country’s finances, you’ll be much better off when you plan your own in 2013.   So here are five financial New Year’s resolutions that can make a dent in your bottom line. ...

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VIDEO | When Should You Replace Your Old Car

Published on Sep 4, 2012 When it comes to making smart money moves, our family has never been a big fan of buying a new car. Read FULL ARTICLE Here – http://bit.ly/Te3HAf – In fact, the last new car that we bought was back in 1993 when we really did the math on how much smarter it is to buy a used car that is somewhere between two to four years old versus getting a new one. While getting a new car should be a well thought out planned purchase, it often falls into the camp of a spur of the moment purchase depending on when you get in the mood. In a sound financial plan, you should begin to save for the (new) used car purchase the moment that you pay off the old purchase. If you are like me and pay for your cars in cash, you should begin to immediately build a side fund so you can pay for that ...

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