Where are the bargains in September?

To be a good CEO of your family finances, you need to begin thinking about having a quality financial plan. Your income statement is one very key part of the heart and soul of your company. We know that you will have to make purchases, and every month I’d like to bring you the items in that given month which should be on sale. Since most of our family financial decisions are either reactive or impulsive, having a good list on your calendar about when to purchase an item may help you pocket additional money every year. ...

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What Should A GenXer Do During These Turbulent Times?

These are one of those unique times where if you're a GenXer (1965-1979), this isn’t the first time you have seen a market take a sharp downturn. You experienced this about 8 years ago with the internet bust. Many of you have college education degrees, MBAs, and you have good jobs, but you're simply asking yourself will I be able to make any money in the stock market in the long haul? Is the economy going to get worse? How do I balance college education savings and think about retirement. ...

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Where did all my money go??

We're about 60 days into 2009, and one of the things people have been asking themselves is "where does all my money go?" When you look at your overall financial situation, your 401(k) has now been reduced to a 201(k). Your real estate property probably has devalued substantially, and really at the end of the day you make some income but you're not quite sure where all of money goes after you pay your expenses. One of the things that we recommend at this time is to ensure that you've got a quality spending plan in 2009. ...

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