Is Your Homeowner’s Insurance Going To Cost You More Than A Few Shingles?

If you live in the state of Georgia, you may notice a big jump in your Homeowners Insurance here in 2012.   Often, people don’t really look closely at their homeowner’s policies because their mortgage payments are tied together with their principal, interest, real estate taxes, and homeowner’s insurance all paid at one time.  Even though you might get a statement from your insurance company, I’ve seen people not reviewing these statements closely on a year to year basis.   This can be especially true as people quickly scurry to the refinance window trying to lock in the incredibly low long term interest rates. After rising steadily for the past few years, homeowner insurance premiums are expected to jump another 5% this year to $1,004, according to the Insurance Information Institute. That’s the biggest yearly increase since the market downturn and will mark the first time the national average premium is above $1,000. (source: www.wsj.com) Premiums will rise even higher in some ...

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Personal Finance 101 – Your Benefits Package At Work: Disability Insurance

One of the most overlooked parts of an overall financial plan is the benefits package you receive from your employer.   Last week I reviewed the areas of life insurance.    For younger employees, the area of income protection can often be far more important than the area of life insurance.   This week, I will cover how to analyze the group protection you have at work for disability insurance.  If your employer doesn’t offer this coverage currently, it should be at the top of your list to get yourself some individual disability insurance coverage.   Disability coverage can be some of the most confusing coverage to understand, and the real details about your policy are within the benefits manual you receive from your employer. You will generally have two types of coverage through your employer.   Your short term disability (STD) coverage will normally take effect somewhere from 0 to 14 days after your disability, and may last somewhere up to six months to ...

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Health Insurance- Where are we headed?

There has been a ton of press over the past few months regarding health insurance. Democrats slamming Republicans, and Republicans slamming back Democrats. I too have a political party. The party of the small business owner. We take all of our cash, put a business plan together, and work 70 to 80 hours per week creating the dream of building something that will live beyond our lifetime. However, with all that has gone on over the past year, where is the small business owner to turn when the policies from Washington, D.C. come to fruition. ...

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