Invest 2% Of Your Income In You

When we think about investments, we often direct our attention to categories such as stocks, bonds, and real estate.   What we don’t think about often is our most valuable asset, which is our ability to earn an income and how we can grow that income faster.  Almost 20 years ago, I met an extremely successful business owner who gave me a simple lesson: Invest 2% of everything you earn back into your ability to grow your income. So, what does this mean exactly? Investing in you is like diversifying your portfolio investments.  It means that you might take a chance and invest in that side hustle you think could be a business.  It means investing in a training course or advanced education that could further your current career.  It means investing in a personal coach who could improve your business performance.  It could also mean investing in an exercise or nutrition program that could give you more stamina every day ...

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Why You Always Need To Invest 3% Of Your Income In Yourself

Topic: Why You Always Need To Invest 3% Of Your Income In Yourself Taped 4/19/16 Listen every Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. on ROCK 100.5 | Atlanta’s Rock Station to “Your Smart Money Moves” with The Rock 100.5 Morning Show and oXYGen Financial. Ted Jenkin, CFP® and Kile Lewis, CRPC® are the founders of oXYGen Financial, and our chief financial officers. All your money questions answered Breathe easier at http://oXYGenFinancial.net ...

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Do You Understand The Term Diversification?

Diversification is a term that is often discussed, but is still widely misunderstood amongst investors today. When the financial markets collapsed in 2008, many investors were left wondering if the opportunities to truly diversify were fewer than they once believed. Diversification: Is NOT having your money at four different banks. Many investors still do not understand how FDIC insurance works. Diversification: Is NOT having your money at four separate financial institutions. Many wealthy investors often believe they spread their diversifications risk by hiring money managers at different brokerage houses. This is hardly ever the case. Diversification: Is NOT leaving your 401(k)’s at three old employers. It’s extremely scary to see how many people buy the same mutual funds through their 401(k) at different employers and never really look at their investment strategy as a whole. Diversification: Is NOT necessarily done by buying different mutual funds or exchange traded funds from the same fund family. Diversification: Is NOT subtracting your age ...

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