VIDEO | 5 Financial Moves to Make When You Change Jobs

Published on Sep 6, 2012 Whether you leave your employer or your employer leaves you, changing jobs can be one of those transitional phases where you can reassess what is happening with your overall financial plan. SEE THE FULL STORY HERE – http://bit.ly/Uusmig – Many people who make a job change for a better salary don’t often take the time to assess the benefits package from their new employer. This makes a ton of sense as typically the first three to six months in a new position you are immersed with the learning curve of a new role at a new company. It doesn’t leave time to review the details of the benefits package you receive. This is why having a Private CFO® or aC by your side can be a valuable resource to make these important decisions. Here are five financial moves to make when you change jobs.   ...

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