How To Negotiate Your Next $10,000 Pay Raise

You just finished up your taxes and realized that you either owe money or the refund you received just wasn’t enough to complete the remodel you had in mind this year. You hoped your income would go up here in 2015, but once again you were saddled with a cost of living adjustment and hoping the company will promote you sometime in the future. Are you serious about getting that $10,000 pay raise this year? Pay raises don’t happen by accident. They don’t happen to people who wait for them to happen. They come to those who prepare on the right way to get the $10,000 pay raise. Here are my five tips on how to make this happen for your future. Where Does Your Salary Compare In The Industry?–  I’m surprised by the number of people who never take the time to go to www.salary.com, www.glassdoor.com,or www.payscale.com to see exactly where their current salary compares to the same type of individuals in ...

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5 Career Moves To Make To Get Promoted In Your First Year On The Job

Do you want to put your life and your career on the fast track?   In my corporate career, I got promoted as one of the youngest district managers, field vice presidents, and group vice presidents in the history of the Fortune 500 I worked for during my corporate life.  I quickly learned that if you want to make more progress in a year than most people do over the first 10 to 20 years of their career, there are a few key lessons you need to learn to get on that fast track.  Those that follow these five lessons can set themselves up within a year to get a promotion and advance with light speed in their organization.  Choose The Right Boss– You’ll get asked all kinds of challenging interview questions and most certainly the one that asks where you want to be three to five years from now.   One of the most key questions you want to ask your ...

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Three Financial Moves To Make When You Get Promoted

There are few things in life that deserve a glass of champagne more than a well-earned promotion.  After years of blood, sweat, and tears, your company has finally recognized your efforts and decided to move you into a more meaningful role within your company.  Sometimes, only title are associated with these promotions, but more often than not there will be financial rewards as well.   This is exactly your time to fall into the lifestyle inflation trap and make some really smart financial moves that will pay dividends down the road. The Pay Raise– Generally, a new promotion will also mean more responsibility which often equals more pay.  If your salary jumps by $10,000 or even $50,000 dollars this will mean a significant bump in your cash flow for your family.   What should you do with this money?  Is it best to add to your 401(k)?  Start paying down the mortgage?  Or time to purchase that new vacation home?   With pay ...

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