The One Time 10% Tax You Should Know

Many Americans are wondering how the President Elect Trump tax plan will affect the type of mutual funds and ETF’s that they buy going into 2017.    One of the items bandied about in a serious way by President Elect Trump is to bring in trillions and trillions of dollars by repatriating money from companies’ accumulated offshore earnings through a one-time 10% tax to bring those dollars back to the United States.   This tax is a substantial reduction from the current 35%, which would mean a massive tax save to large corporations. The thought process behind this strategy is to get some 2.6 trillion dollars (source Joint Committee On Taxation) back into America.  If that money is returned into the hands of many large U.S. Multinational corporations, the philosophy is that jobs would follow quickly behind this influx of money and perhaps a throwback to the heydays of manufacturing. However, the capital influx could heavily influence where you invest your money ...

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What Tax Deductions Could Go Away In The Future?

All of us know that the United States is in a massive federal deficit. Most pundits on television are letting us know that taxes in some way, shape, or form will have to up. That seems reasonable. Any business that is losing money will eventually have to cut expenses, and figure out how to generate more revenue. We couldn’t cut expenses near enough to solve our problem, so the certainty of some form of increased taxation is an inevitability we will face in the future in my opinion. The one thing that I don’t hear much talk about is that increasing taxes isn’t the only way to generate additional revenue, but you could certainly choose to reduce overall tax deductions that we take today as another source for increasing additional revenue. According to a recent study done by the Joint Committee On Taxation (source: Fiscal Year 2010 Budget: Analytical Perspectives. OMB./Table 19-3), here are the top 5 potential sources of ...

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