“Wine” Me Up!!

Recently, I had a chance to take a day trip to Napa Valley. The views were gorgeous and the wine was great. As you can guess, I visited a couple of vineyards for tastings and also had lunch with a friend who owns People’s Wine Revolution(PWR), another winery in Calistoga. (Napa and Calistoga are within minutes of each other) If you’ve ever been to a tasting, some places make it a point to share information about their Wine Club Memberships. I always wondered why this was a constant factor at tastings. During lunch with PWR I asked him, “why are club memberships so important?” In a gist, he shared with me that it helps the vineyards and wineries by knowing there would be a consistent income stream from people who really love their wines and want to support. My friend and his wife are individual winemakers, and from their perspective, it made sense to me. If I really love his ...

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Does Your 401(k) Offer An “In Service” Distribution?

For Generation X clients, the majority of their retirement savings are in the company 401(k).   While you do have a multitude of options of what you can do with your 401(k) if you leave your employer, often people feel like they are stuck if they stay with the same employer for a long period of time.  This is especially true with larger companies as most of those plans offer a limited number of investment choices and several target retirement funds.     I’m amazed that many people I sit down have never heard of whether their company offers an in service withdrawal or an in service distribution which can give them greater investment control of their 401(k) assets.    Since we have had two major market meltdowns over the past 12 years, 401(k)’s offer limited power to help you risk mitigate against a market crash.   This is why you need ask your employer today, do we offer an in service distribution? So, just ...

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