VIDEO | How Much To Give For A Wedding Gift – Your Smart Money Moves

Published on Jul 5, 2012 SEE FULL STORY HERE – http://bit.ly/IkD3kM – Your college roommate or long time childhood friend invites you to their wedding. Or better yet, you’ve got a big family and your second cousin Joe is getting married and last time you saw him was two years ago at the family reunion. Now you have got to spend money to get an airline ticket, book a hotel room, and possibly buy a new dress or suit for the upcoming wedding this summer. It dawns on you that now you’ve got to figure out how much is the right amount to give for a wedding gift. You are no Miss Manners by any stretch of the imagination, but you don’t want to walk away like some cheapskate that the wedding couple laughs at that evening when they open up their gifts. So, how much should you give for a wedding gift? http://bit.ly/IkD3kM   ...

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Personal Finance 101: Generation X – You Just Turned 40: Last Time To Get Life Insurance?

Generation X is classically defined at people born between the years 1965 and 1979.    Pretty much those of you in your early 30’s to the mid 40’s.  However, having given personal financial advice to thousands of people, I can tell you that many of you who were born 1960 to 1964 fit within the Generation X type of financial and personal attitude. In the last six months, I’ve seen both friends and family who are in the 40 to 45 year old range dealing with major medical issues.   I’m 42 and when people told me about 10 years ago the aches in my joints would be just a little bit worse . . . well I hate to admit but they were correct.    Recently, I had three different people I know who drove themselves down to the emergency room thinking that they might be having a stroke or heart attack.    I know three different people who were diagnosed with some ...

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Four Signs Your Job Might Be In Danger!

With the high unemployment we have today in the United States, it is more important than ever to prepare financially should you be laid off from your job.  You should make sure you have a fresh copy of your resume prepared in case of this unforeseen event.  We normally don’t wake up in the morning thinking that our job will be eliminated at our company, but here are four signs you should keep on your radar that your job may be on the cut line. Your Last Performance Review Was Lower Than Normal Most large companies will rate and rank their employees against a set of individual and corporate goals. They will have measures such as a G1 which equals far exceeds expectations, G2 above expectations, G3 meets expectations, G4 below expectations, and G5 far below expectations. Although many of think the last time we saw a bell curve being used was in our 9th grade chemistry class, large companies use bell curves each ...

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