How to Tell a Legit Opportunity From a Pyramid Scheme

How can you tell whether you’re looking at a great business opportunity or a pyramid scheme? At first glance, telling the two apart may be difficult. Pyramid schemes often resemble multilevel marketing (MLM) opportunities, but major differences exist. First, multilevel marketing is legal while pyramid schemes are not. Multilevel marketing is also capable of generating long-term profits. Pyramid schemes crumble eventually, leaving some people with huge losses or, at the very least, wasted time. Discover some tips for telling the difference between the two. Look at the Products or Services The foundational difference between MLM and pyramid schemes is that legitimate MLM companies make money from selling products or services. You may be able to bring in extra revenue by recruiting people, but you and your company are making most of your profits from selling something with real value to customers, not from signing up new recruits. If you think about well-known direct sales companies such as Amway, one of the ...

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