Use The KISS Principle

Today it is more complicated than ever for the average investor to really understand how to pick a mutual fund.   Most novices may choose a fund if it has a 4-star or 5-star ranking.   Or they decide to pick a fund because they did a Google search for best returns and then select one from the top of list.  The truth is, most investors today would be lucky if they could name one or two actual positions that their mutual fund owns if they were asked.  In my opinion fund companies could become more friendly if they used the Keep It Simple Stupid principle. First, mutual fund companies should provide consumers some sort of simple x-ray software so when they choose to buy multiple funds from a fund company, an investor can at least have some idea about how much the different funds overlap.  Far too often, I see consumers who own three or four different mutual funds only to ...

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Listen To What The Baby Has To Say

I am a complete marketing junkie, so I have to give props to financial companies that take risks to launch edgy marketing campaigns.  Historically, investment companies are boring advertisers showing couples taking a bicycle ride, smelling the roses on their front porch, or some actor looking all serious on camera about the ‘serious’ investment company.   I was a bit melancholy this year to see the last installments of the E*Trade baby commercials which completed a tremendous six year run of ad spots. For a marketing campaign to be successful, it has to leave a mark etched in our mind that will last for many years to come.  Think about slogans like Nike’s Just Do It or Wendy’s Where’s The Beef that you can remember just like it was yesterday.   When the E*Trade baby aired during the Super Bowl in 2008, the commercial made us all laugh while at the same time beginning the drip the ideas of what we could ...

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Why Don’t YOU Donate The Dollar!!

A little over a year ago, Your Smart Money Moves brought to you the initial story over now what is a phenomenon that has struck department stores, grocery stores, and even mom and pop retailers. Let me paint a picture for you. The executives of Whole Foods looked excitedly at the growth of their profit and their stock price and thought maybe it was time for them to become a good Samaritan. Aren’t we just lucky enough that we get to buy extremely overpriced food items from them every week? Some Whole Foods corporate department conjured up the notion that one way to become a better corporate citizen would be to ask us each and every time we grocery shop if we want to make a donation to their favorite charity. In fact, almost all retailers are doing this today. Being the smarmy sarcastic business guy I can be from time to time, I had another idea up my sleeve ...

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