Are Mothers Losing Income Equality When They Have Kids?

Request a FREE no obligation consultation: www.oxygenfinancial.net The pay gap between men and women is still not close to equal, but there are more signs when it comes to motherhood that the gap is widening even more. For example, one study showed that for women, incomes drop 30% after giving birth for the first time and never catch up. That’s according to a working paper by Henrik Kleven, Camille Landais and Jakob Egholt Sogaard published by the National Bureau of Economic Research in January 2018. The study used Danish administrative data from 1980-2013. (source: CNBC) Also called the “motherhood penalty,” women start falling behind men in terms of their rank and their probability of being promoted just after the birth of the first child, the researchers found. About a decade later, women’s earnings plateau around 20% below the level just before becoming a parent. (source: CNBC) So, is this motherhood penalty something that will continue, and just what can be done to ...

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