How To Make Money From Your Old Cell Phones?

There is a small green wicker basket that sits in one of our drawers at home.  It doesn’t really do anything at all except store cords, chargers, and phones.   This basket has become a bit nostalgic because in just the last five to ten years, it almost acts like a mobile phone historic museum on how the smart phone has evolved.   It’s funny seeing something like a Blackberry that was so modern 10 years ago and looks so ancient today.   But since we love to figure out how to make money on items that are just sitting and collecting dust, just how can you make some dough off of your old cell phones? Gazelle With Gazelle, it is extremely fast, painless, and easy to sell your old cell phone. You will simply answer a few questions about your old devices and Gazelle will let you know how much it’s worth to them. They will send you a box to ship ...

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What Halloween Taught My Kids About Romney, Obama, and How The Economy Works

I suppose every parent hopes to teach their kids important lessons about life.  The lessons that you teach them about decision making, money, friendship, family, and much more will in part determine how they do as adults when they are primarily making their own decisions.    As my kids grow older every year, slowly but surely the tremendous fun I have had over the year trick or treating with them on October 31st is fading away.   This was the first year where my oldest daughter didn’t go out trick or treating with a costume and the two younger ones aren’t far behind.   So how did Halloween teach my kids something about how our economy works? We’ve been having some discussions at home about the difference on how the candidates think about business and how money should be distributed (or redistributed).      When the two kids finished their massive candy assault on the neighborhood, they both wound up with huge bags of candy.  ...

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