Eight Books To Read In 2014

With 2014 approaching us quickly, it is a good likelihood that you received an Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Certificate as a secret Santa gift, a stocking stuffer, or under the tree.   While reading has in a large part gone the way of You Tube and anything that will make us laugh in ninety seconds or less, engaging yourself in a really good book could help you personally, professionally, and even financially.   I have put together my short list which contains a virtual cornucopia of different types of reads.  Find one of these and put it on your to do list for 2014. Think Like A Freak, Stephen Levitt and Stephen Dubner– This book is one of the follow ups from Freakonomics and is scheduled to be released in the March to May time frame in 2014. Freakonomics is all about turning your brain inside out and being able to look at situations from an entirely different perspective.  There ...

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The New Rule: Field Goal Bill Paying

Nobody likes paying bills.   Not longer than a few years ago, most people met the end of the month with the dreaded feeling of writing out checks and licking the back of envelopes—UGH!.   Over the past five years, many people in the United States have transitioned their bills from the check stuffing days to now merely having to fill in an amount and simply point and click.   With some providers sending you an e-bill alert now, you may not even have to remember when to pay the bill. I’ve learned over the past couple of years that the next generation of bill payers (your Generation X and Generation Y crowd) uses something that I like to call the Field Goal Rule when it comes to deciding whether or not to click the ‘pay now’ button.   Here’s how the rule works.   When a particular bill comes such as cable television, cell phone, or local water bill comes, a bill payer has ...

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If Time Equals Money You Better Know How To Uncheck A Box

The names of two very famous magazines are front and center on the racks of grocery and book stores all across the country.  Those two names are Time Magazine and Money Magazine.   As I’ve learned over the years, time and money are two really interchangeable parts and it is usually tough to have to both at the same time.   In a famous Eagles song they sing, “You can spend all of your time making money, or spend all of your money making time”. With the proliferation of the internet, we are often encouraged to sign up for services with different companies on line that are supposed to offer us services or deals that can save us time or money.  These range from our MP3 players to coupon sites to the colleges we attended. If you are like me, many days I open my e-mail and wonder how I got on the newsletter list which sits in my e-mail box that ...

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