What’s Next . . . Step On The Scale Please!

Making smart money moves are important within all facets of our lives. Although we often think about money when it comes to bills, purchases, and investments, our overall health and wellness can be one of the largest costs included in our overall budgets. Relative to this, our diets and the way we eat can have a major impact on our personal finances day in and day out. If we end up having diabetes, high blood pressure, or extremely high cholesterol, these health issues can cost us thousands of dollars each and every single year to treat. Several years ago, the USDA (www.usda.org) released a report that stated medical costs that come as a result of obesity related problems are about $10,000 higher than they are for those with a healthy normal weight. What would it mean to put $10,000 back in your cash reserve, your children’s 529 college education fund, or your retirement savings? Back in the early 1990’s, the ...

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4 Reasons Why Gen X’ers Shouldn’t Plan On Receiving An Inheritance

At 41 years old, I fit into that whole segment of the population called Generation X.  The media classically defines this generation by people who were born between 1965 and 1979.  For those that fall within these age brackets, I think you better start planning not receiving much of an inheritance.   I don’t say this because your parent’s bumper sticker says “I’m spending my children’s inheritance”, but really because of 4 things I see happening over the next twenty years that may spend it for you. Your parents have reached the age of 65 – According to the Center for National Health Statistics (www.cdc.gov/nchs), men who reach the age of 65 have a normal life expectancy of 82 years old.  For women it is even better with the average female who turns the age of 65 having a normal life expectancy of 85 years old.   With social security in sore need of a major overhaul and Medicare costs continuing to ...

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