What Blackjack Will Teach You About Retirement

sponsored by Midland National You have made it to Las Vegas and settled into your favorite hotel.   After a few quality minutes of checking out your luxurious room, you decide it’s time to hit the main gambling floor.  Choices, choices.  You walk by the sports book, past the slots, the screaming at the craps table, and you wind up sitting down to play your favorite game – blackjack.   So, what in the world can playing blackjack teach you about your retirement? More importantly, HOW can blackjack teach you one of the most valuable lessons about protecting your retirement assets? Blackjack is an interesting game.  It’s part strategy and part social chatting depending on whether the dealer is giving you a run of easy cards to play or a set of more difficult choices depending on what the dealer doles you out.   In a perfect world, you would be getting blackjack after blackjack (or 21 after 21), but in reality you’ll ...

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Five Biggest Mistakes Families Make with Life Insurance

sponsored by Midland National The month of September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  While it’s still a few months away, it’s not too early to start protecting yourself today. Most families are getting tons of information thrown at them around the topic of investing, far too often I see families make major mistakes when it comes to life insurance.   I had a widow come to see me just a few months ago when her husband had a tragic accident.   He left her with three young children and a $500,000 insurance policy.   With hardly any other saved money, she was left bewildered on how she would be able to make her bills, pay for her kids’ college education, and then also take care of her retirement.   While $500,000 seemed like a lot money at the time they applied for the insurance, in reality it was barely enough to get by given all of the family goals.  Here are the five biggest ...

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What Does It Mean To Have “Conditional Receipt” When You Apply For Life Insurance?

sponsored by Midland National It’s never fun having a discussion as a family or with a financial professional to figure out how much life insurance you need.   Most people dread this conversation as much as going to buy a new car because you are going to always feel like the insurance agents are ready to pounce on making a sale.  As long as I’ve been doing this, I have still yet to hear a surviving spouse tell me that they bought too much life insurance. In many married couples, it is still usually one spouse who drives the conversation about how much life insurance the family needs.  Usually it is the major breadwinner of the family.   Recently, I heard yet again another sad story from a surviving spouse whose husband passed away way before his time.  When I learned a little more about the situation, she revealed that he had been approved for a large sum of life insurance a ...

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