Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, and Money Happiness

Every year that the birthday clock turns another year I ask myself one simple question, “Am I getting any wiser?” Many say that gaining wisdom in life is far more powerful than any bit of knowledge that you can acquire. Of course, you can know a lot of information about many different subjects, but the key to making progress is about applying your wisdom to situations for the best possible outcome. I’ve come to the conclusion when it comes down to two important areas in our lives, we often spend more time reminiscing or hoping than we do actually enjoying. Those particular areas are sports and money. It dawned on me several weeks ago that we don’t spend enough of our lives enjoying the ride. Far too often, we churn our energy hoping for dreams of yesteryear or the way we wish it could be versus the way that it really is at this time. Take Tiger Woods. Tiger likely ...

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Can You Pay 0% Capital Gains Tax?

Most of us have heard through the major media outlets how tax law changes will adversely affect our overall income taxes here in 2013. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that when your expenses consistently exceed your revenue, cost cutting alone won’t improve your bottom line. This means that raising various types of taxes will definitely be one strategy to increase revenue in order to pay off the massive U.S. debt. The American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) of 2012 was passed by Congress on January 1st, 2013 and was only a partial resolution to the fiscal cliff; just wait until fiscal cliff part II which will look more like ‘Hangover Part II’, Mike Tyson tattoo and all. While the ATRA did impose more taxes on the upper end of the scale and raised capital gains taxes on the very upper end of the income brackets, there is a unique opportunity for many Americans to look at their overall ...

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5 Things You Won’t Hear At The College Graduation Commencement Speech

It’s been over 20 years since I heard my college graduation commencement speech.  I can’t say I remember very much of it except that it was like hearing some sort of State Of The Union speech.    So many kids will be graduating school soon and beginning their journey into Real Life 101.    You’ll be getting unsolicited advice soon from friends, family, professors, and then inevitably some final words of wisdom from a renowned speaker at your graduation.   Here are five things you won’t hear from speaker at your graduation, but you will hear it at Your Smart Money Moves. It’s Rough Getting To The Top – Most people coming out of school have some idea about what they want to do for a career.  Most dream of getting to the top and making six figures and more before the time they hit 25.   However, school and the commencement speaker at graduation hardly ever spend the time to tell you just ...

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