10 Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

All too often, new clients come in, and we discover that they have been complacent about the need for proper estate planning.  They think they are either too young or too old, they are of modest means, or an estate plan is unnecessary.  Plus, no matter how much you think your family loves one another, people are greedy when it comes to money. When assets come into play, no estate plan, or a poor one, can cause issues or allow property to fall into the wrong hands. Here are 10 mistakes that, if avoided, will smoothly transfer your estate. Not having a Will or, in the alternative, a living trust – Without a main vehicle to drive the estate, the probate court has to get more involved. Focusing solely on taxes – Under current tax law, most people will not hit the estate tax limits, so taxes do not have to be the driving decision maker. Naming the wrong executor/agent/trustee ...

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5 Mistakes To Avoid At Your High School Reunion

“Dude! I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years!” This is something I am starting to see a lot on my social media feed as I brace for my first high school reunion. I had mixed feelings about attending but in the end, $70 to spend a night hanging out at a country club with some old friends, reminiscing on old stories and having a few cold ones, sounded like a good time. Here are a few tips I am planning on following myself: DON’T overdress. You aren’t Justin Timberlake so don’t show up in a skinny suit and tie and act like it. It’s intimidating to others and makes you look more like a loser than a winner. And I hope you weren’t planning on going in a T-shirt and jeans…Did you want Best Looking 2004 to think you are a dish washer at the local Taco Mac? (if you are, well…its been 10 years, move on!). A simple ...

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Five Financial First Time Homebuyer Mistakes

In all of the financial transactions we make in our lives, there are few that pale in comparison to the excitement of making the purchase of your first home.   Many years ago, the first time homebuyer merely began with a starter home, but expectations have significantly increased today with new homebuyers wanting all of the modern up to date amenities included in their first home.  Oddly enough, the first time home purchase is often made with as swift a decisions as buying a new car although the purchase may be ten times the size of a new car.   Here are your five smart money moves to make so you can avoid the pitfalls and traps that most new homebuyers make. Falling In Love With Your Mortgage Pre-Approval:  Just because you are pre-approved for a $400,000 loan doesn’t mean you can actually afford a $400,000 loan. “Listening to the mortgage lender when they tell you that you are pre-approved for a ...

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