Should Your Child Wear A ‘LEAF’ To School

After your child gets their driver’s license, one of the next financial considerations is whether or not you should purchase another car for your household.   Some parents will buy their children a brand new Hummer while others will find clunkers that weren’t intended to be two-tone cars even though the hood is black the rest of the car is grey.   With advancements in technology, is it possible that getting a brand new electric car is a good idea? If you’ve read Your Smart Money Moves over the past five years, you know that I’m not a humongous fan of leasing cars.   However, in the case of electric cars, it can be quite advantageous, at least within the state of Georgia.   Consider what a lease would look like on the electric vehicle Nissan Leaf. An income tax credit is available for up to 20% of the cost to purchase or lease an electric vehicle, or $5,000, whichever is less. The credit ...

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Can You Barter For Legal Services?

I wrote a few weeks ago in Your Smart Money Moves about how I found out through my research that the only people who can own or revenue share with a law firm are the lawyers themselves.  You have to give it up to the lawyers to be the only professionals who essentially blocked the rest of us out from owning a law firm.  But does the consumer lose with these sets of laws?    Over the years, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard clients utter the words, “I guess the only one who is going to win here are the lawyers.”    Mostly, I think people fear going to see a lawyer because of the unknown of just how much it is going to cost them to do work.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s estate planning, divorce, or doing contract review. I think over the next ten years we will see the legal field change its pricing ...

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