Are You Getting the Benefit of Low Natural Gas Rates?

Here’s a D-E-A-L for oXYGen Financial Clients and Your Smart Money Moves Readers By Kevin Greiner President & CEO, Gas South It’s the end of summer, and that means back-to-school activities, football season, and…making sure you’re on a favorable natural gas plan!  Yes, it’s time to get your household ready for the winter months, when you use higher quantities of natural gas. The good news: natural gas rates remain low in Georgia’s competitive market. Since the commodity bubble burst in 2008, natural gas prices have come down and stayed low for the most part.  A big reason is the supply revolution created by hydraulic fracturing (aka, “fracking”) — the process by which natural gas is produced in prodigious quantities from shale formations located throughout the US. It’s meant huge increases in production from places like Pennsylvania and North Dakota, not traditionally considered as being energy-producing states. The US is now the largest producer of natural gas in the world, and ...

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Should you lock in your natural gas rates?

We have seen that natural gas rates are at an all time low. Here are some points that I thought I would share with you for those in the state of Georgia around your natural gas bills, and the upcoming winter season ahead of us. Point 1: With colder weather setting in, it's a good time to think about fixing your natural gas rate Generally speaking, 6- and 12-month fixed rates are lower than variable rates right now. Based on natural gas futures prices, this is likely to remain the case through the winter when most customers' usage increases dramatically. With rates now starting to rise, fixing your natural gas rate is an easy, effective measure that consumers can take to manage their household budgets this winter. And that leaves more money in your pocket. ...

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