Seven Ways The Word SALE Messes With Your Brain

There are lots of four letter words in the dictionary that makes us do abnormal things. Words like FREE and ZERO are two of the most powerful marketing words that I have shared with you in the past columns at Your Smart Money Moves. However, possibly the most powerful word when it comes to spending money is the word S-A- L-E. It just makes us plain old buy things we wouldn’t normally do otherwise. Here are seven ways the word S-A- L-E changes the way you think about money. 1. Can I afford it? The word sale makes you remove the concept of do I need it to can I afford it? This small shift in thinking could push you over the edge to buy something simply because it now fits within the price range you had in mind. 2. I have no use for this – There are plenty of things that you own that you really never had ...

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