How Do You Know When To Sell A Stock

You have owned one of those amazing technology stocks over the last decade and you are beginning to wonder…is it time for me get rid of this stock?  Or, should you hold on to it like your parents or grandparents held on to their blue chip stocks until the day they passed it on to you?   Maybe you just bought one of those blazing marijuana stocks and made a nifty profit and are thinking you should sell it because it may just be a fad.  Just like sitting down at the Blackjack table in Las Vegas, we all know how to pull up a seat at the bar, we know how to place some bets, but if we start winning most of us don’t have a strategy about when is the right time to cash in your chips. It’s interesting to see the different philosophies that reside on the internet today.  The Motley Fool, one of the largest investment websites ...

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