What Does Steph Curry’s Mouthguard Teach Us About Investing?

It’s playoff basketball time and this past week we saw all kinds of buzzer beaters from Derrick Rose and Paul Pierce in some really exciting games. The NBA loves statistics, and I love looking at those statistics and thinking about what it may mean when it comes to your money. So, how the heck does the mouthguard that newly crowned MVP Stephen Curry wears and investing wind up in the same category? This is where the ‘your smart money moves’ column takes everyday life and turns it into valuable money making lessons. The Wall Street Journal (source wsj.com) did a recent study looking at all of Steph Curry’s 337 free throws taking during the course of the NBA Season. With the Mouthguard out, Curry shot 198 for 214 from the free throw line which is a 92.5% shooting percentage. With the Mouthguard in, Curry shot 110 for 123 which is an 89.4% shooting percentage. The real difference between these two ...

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Six Ways To Not “StubHub” Your Toe On Sporting Tickets

I happened to be out in St. Louis last Friday night when game six took place between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals.   When I realized that the game would take place as the same time my travels had me in town, I decided to go on to StubHub to see what the prices looked like to get a ticket.   It seems as if concerts and sporting events go live in today’s world, you can’t even get a ticket direct anymore.  The ticket brokers are the only place you can actually buy a ticket unless you want to scalp the good old fashioned way.  When the prices came up minimally at $100 a ticket for ‘standing room only’ and went as high as $2,700 for front row type seats, all of a sudden the local bar at Gio’s didn’t seem to be such a bad idea.   So, how can you save money when shopping for sporting tickets?  ...

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