Stop Trying To Impress People With Your Money

If you are really trying to get wealthy, there are important life lessons to learn that will make you a smart money moves person.   It’s very difficult to pull down your guard when it comes to money.  You might be ashamed or embarrassed around poor financial decisions you made, and then tend to overcompensate by spending too much money just to prove that you can keep up with your friends or neighbors.  Here is a great post on how to build up your bank account and leave the right impression on others. You don’t have to dress for success anymore– Has anyone seen Mark Zuckerburg as of late?   Jeans and a hoodie will do just fine.  Don’t worry about the label on your clothes or your pocketbook. It just doesn’t matter. Be a leader– Perhaps you can be the one to suggest walking around a local fair or flea market, or even going to a free park to throw a ...

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5 Reasons You Aren’t Rich . . . Yet

Everybody at some point of their life has that dream of having enough money to do whatever they want whenever they want irrespective of cost.   Well, even if you do think about cost, that idea of becoming rich enough to walk in and tell your boss this is your very last day.   If you want to get rich, here are five things that may be in getting in your way from achieving financial independence, purpose, and freedom. You care what your neighbor’s think–  There are still many people holding on to their overpriced real estate waiting for it to come back.   In the meantime, the mortgage along with all the fixins you really couldn’t afford when you bought that house are killing your bottom line.    I believe most people are hanging on to those properties today along with the country club membership because of their egos and fear about what their neighbors will think.   It’s hard to swallow your price ...

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