My College Is Worse Than The Kids Knocking On The Door

I used to fear the Girl Scouts during cookie season either knocking on my door or approaching me outside of the local supermarket targeting my goodwill to buy some of those delicious thin mint cookies.   I used to dread the once a month knock on a door from a local neighborhood kid looking for me to buy some wrapping paper I didn’t need or some cookie dough I definitely did not want sitting in my freezer giving me the wrong temptation late at night.   I used to dread getting phone calls at work from some local cause hitting my company up for $500 here or a $1,000 there.   Now, I only dread my alma mater as their level of aggressiveness with fundraising efforts has reached historic proportion. I went to Boston College, and let’s face it at $55,000 or more this year it’s certainly not the cheapest school on the block.   I did get a great education and had a ...

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