Single in the City

Today’s housing environment has more single home buyers entering the real estate market than ever before. With inventory levels high, interest rates near record lows and affordability up in many areas across the country, many people who may have never considered buying a home in the past are recognizing that a mortgage payment on a house can actually be the same or less than what they would spend on renting an apartment or home. For most people, buying a home is the most significant financial investment they will ever make, and perhaps even more so for singles who are making the transition on their own.  There are a few key strategies to employ when making that purchase. Keep an eye on the future – A family of one is much more likely to upsize rather than downsize. Some day someone who is single may add a significant other to their family and possibly even children. Though additional space may not be ...

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Top 5 Ways to Help Someone Who Is Unemployed

With the unemployment rate continue to hover above 10%, everyone is feeling a little pinch in the wallet. If you know someone who is currently unemployed, here are some ideas on how you could help them with their bottom line. ...

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