Five Financial Moves To Make When You Change Jobs

Whether you leave your employer or your employer leaves you, changing jobs can be one of those money triggering events when you begin to take stock of where you are financially.    Job changes often bring along new responsibilities and challenges, and experience tells us that analyzing and maximizing your new benefits package normally goes to the bottom of the barrel.    This makes a ton of sense as typically the first three to six months in a new position you are immersed with the learning curve of a new role at a new company.    Having a financial advisor by your side can be a valuable resource to make these important decisions.   Here are five financial moves to make when you change jobs. Get all of your 401(k)’s in one backyard– When you hop from job to job, you may have left your 401(k) at your former employer.    I often refer to these as orphan 401(k)’s because most participants don’t pay attention ...

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Will The Robo-Advisor Be Short Circuited?

At a recent conference attended by some of the best and the brightest in the industry, I was amazed at the disparity in views and concerns regarding the rise of the Robo-Visor.  Relax…. Although the technology exists, I can’t imagine getting on a pilotless transatlantic flight just as I can’t imagine the majority of consumers handling all of their investments online. That said, Robo like the discount brokerage firms that “threatened” the financial advisors 20 years ago, is here to stay.  More than anything, this is a clear barometer that investing has become more commoditized.  For the Investment professionals who proclaim themselves as money managers you will certainly have the most exposure for losing clients.  For the financial planning professional I see this as an opportunity as more and more clients desire what I call the 3 C’s.  In today’s fast-paced environment we have learned clients seek far more than just investment advice.  They desire a Collaborator, a Connector, and ...

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5 Things You Won’t Hear At The College Graduation Commencement Speech

It’s been over 20 years since I heard my college graduation commencement speech.  I can’t say I remember very much of it except that it was like hearing some sort of State Of The Union speech.    So many kids will be graduating school soon and beginning their journey into Real Life 101.    You’ll be getting unsolicited advice soon from friends, family, professors, and then inevitably some final words of wisdom from a renowned speaker at your graduation.   Here are five things you won’t hear from speaker at your graduation, but you will hear it at Your Smart Money Moves. It’s Rough Getting To The Top – Most people coming out of school have some idea about what they want to do for a career.  Most dream of getting to the top and making six figures and more before the time they hit 25.   However, school and the commencement speaker at graduation hardly ever spend the time to tell you just ...

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