How Bill Belichick And Deflategate Can Help You Save Money On Your Super Bowl Party

It’s all anybody can talk about now leading up the Super Bowl . . . #deflategate.   Even though Bill ‘the science guy’ Belicheck has vehemently denied any tampering with the footballs, there is silver lining from #deflategate.  What if Bill Belicheck was helping you host your Super Bowl party?  Maybe he could draw a parallel from deflating footballs to showing you how to deflate your budget and still pull off a touchdown for a Super Bowl Party.  The Super Bowl is the second largest single day of food consumption after Thanksgiving.  It also ranks as the most widely watched television show of the entire year.  This can be an exciting day to invite over family, friends, and work colleagues over to your home to enjoy the big game.   If you don’t have a big budget to host the Super Bowl, here are my (and Uncle Bill’s) smart money moves to stretch your dollar into the end zone. Make It A ...

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Do You Need Peyton Manning Insurance?

With the first official NFL Football game underneath our belts, the start of a new NFL season is now going to be the center of our TV rooms every Sunday.  For those of you who were lucky enough to draft Marshawn Lynch on your fantasy football team, your team had a head start going into opening weekend. What started out as something for people to just have fun following NFL Football has now turned into something far more serious than ever expected.  In fact, some people are questioning whether the new NFL rules enacted this year have something to do with the big business of fantasy football, in which the grand prize is $100,000 or more in some leagues.  The big question is ‘do you need fantasy sports insurance’? As people who deal with all types of insurance in our business, it’s pretty amazing to think that there could be such a thing as fantasy sports insurance (FSI).  However, in ...

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Six Ways To Not “StubHub” Your Toe On Sporting Tickets

I happened to be out in St. Louis last Friday night when game six took place between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals.   When I realized that the game would take place as the same time my travels had me in town, I decided to go on to StubHub to see what the prices looked like to get a ticket.   It seems as if concerts and sporting events go live in today’s world, you can’t even get a ticket direct anymore.  The ticket brokers are the only place you can actually buy a ticket unless you want to scalp the good old fashioned way.  When the prices came up minimally at $100 a ticket for ‘standing room only’ and went as high as $2,700 for front row type seats, all of a sudden the local bar at Gio’s didn’t seem to be such a bad idea.   So, how can you save money when shopping for sporting tickets?  ...

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