Personal Finance 101 – 5 Deductions Taxpayers Overlook

Part of putting together an effective tax management strategy is gaining an understanding of what you can and cannot deduct from your tax return.  Every CPA or accountant seems to have a slightly different slant on the tax code, but here are a few that may be able to help you increase your bottom line. Charitable Mileage – Most taxpayers are very good at keeping receipts of their cash donations that they make to the organizations they donate to during the course of the year.   One of the deductions few taxpayers pay attention to is the charitable mileage deduction.  For 2011, you can deduct .14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations.  Don’t forget fees and tolls as well (www.irs.gov)  Think about the time that you give gratuitously during the course of the year for your religious organizations, charitable causes you support, or possibly coaching a one of your kid’s teams. Non-Cash Charitable Contributions – Most taxpayers literally ...

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