Will Big Insurance Companies Need A Financial Bailout?

With the deadline looming right around the corner on January 31st to sign up for health care coverage through open enrollment, many people are being hit with sticker shock on what it will cost to carry individual insurance. While it was bandied about that costs would go down when the Obamacare system rolled out, individuals and families across small businesses and large corporation are continuing to see their premiums spike. United Healthcare recently announced http://cnnmon.ie/1lHDU41 that they could lose 1 billion dollars through Obamacare from actual results in 2015 and projected losses in 2016. So, will big insurance companies ultimately need a bailout? The first question revolves around the pressure being put on the system. Why are premiums continuing to go up? There are more people in the system- There are so many different reports on exactly how many of the uninsured actually got insurance, but what we do know is that nobody can be denied coverage. Many of those who were uninsured had serious ...

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Obamacare: Open Enrollment What You Need To Know

It may be open enrollment season for many of you at work, but for millions of Americans it will be the official open enrollment for Obamacare coming up this Saturday.  Amidst the unknown of the upcoming Supreme Court case regarding federal subsidies, there is a plethora of information to digest for those of you who are considering the federal marketplace for your health insurance.  Here are my five smart money moves Q & A to help you get an initial start to understanding the open enrollment period beginning this week. Get Obamacare Help Here > Question 1:  When does open enrollment start/end and how many people are expected to sign up this year? Starts November 15, 2014 and ends February 15, 2015. You must apply by December 15th if you want your coverage to begin January 1st There are no other enrollment periods unless you qualify for a special enrollment for life events such as marriage, divorce, birth of new ...

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