Roller Coaster Week

I do think the one thing that should come out of this is knowing what you make and what you spend because saving is still one of truly key elements to building wealth. To do this as the CEO of your family finances, now is the time to get with a private CFO™ to understand your balance sheet, income statement, and your bottom line. I'm pretty sure they won't do that for you on CNBC! Visit OxygenFinancial Today ...

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You Don’t Look $300,000 Cool!

Hey folks, one thing I will tell you, as I’ve been saying in the Money Guy’s radio show, is the fact that as much as a new car looks nice and makes you feel good, the reality is that the new car purchase just simply does not make financial sense. You may want to feel good showing off your driving skills on GA 400 with your new ride, but ultimately it is one of the largest recurring financial decisions you will make in your life. Since 1993, I have not bought a new car. The reason being is a new car is one of the worst investments that you can make in your overall portfolio. It may make you feel the best now, but it’ll make you feel the worst later when you look at the math of what happens. When you go into a new dealership, and I don’t care if you decide to lease a car or buy ...

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