The Five Best Infomercials Of All Time

Who doesn’t love the infomercial? When it comes to marketing, this is still one of the greatest methods to pull your heart strings and then throw you a scarcity mentality offer that will make you jump off your couch and order something today. Some historians say that Vitamix was the first infomercial ever made, and today infomercials are a lot longer than 30 seconds or two minutes. Some infomercials last as long as thirty minutes. I don’t know what your favorite infomercial was growing up, but odds are you purchased something at least once from an infomercial. Here are my five favorites. The Ginsu Knife– (circa 1980)- The original Ginsu Knife. It could cut a slice of bread so thin you could almost see through it. Remember that? This is one of those infomercials that is indelibly etched in my head from my early childhood days. It almost seemed impossible that a knife could do what the Ginsu Knife could ...

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