Do you need disability insurance?

There are many types of insurance programs to manage these days. Yet, one of the programs most misunderstood by employees of companies and small business owners is the need for disability insurance. Since there are so many nuances of disability insurance, here are some key questions to ask yourself regarding your personal situation. What percentage of my income will you replace if I become disabled? At most employer programs it will be between 50% and 66%.  Will you cover commissions or bonuses on top of a base salary? In most cases, your employer will only cover your base salary. If you have a large bonus program or work commissions, you need to really review the fine print of your group policy.  What about 401(k) or other retirement contributions? Generally, this is not covered. The big question then is how will you continue to fund your retirement goals? Can the payout go up as my income goes up in the future? ...

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Health Insurance- Where are we headed?

There has been a ton of press over the past few months regarding health insurance. Democrats slamming Republicans, and Republicans slamming back Democrats. I too have a political party. The party of the small business owner. We take all of our cash, put a business plan together, and work 70 to 80 hours per week creating the dream of building something that will live beyond our lifetime. However, with all that has gone on over the past year, where is the small business owner to turn when the policies from Washington, D.C. come to fruition. ...

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Health Insurance by Arthur Benz

There are announcements almost every day of layoffs across the country. With roughly 10 percent unemployment across the United States people are concerned about their health insurance coverage. One of the things that we've been hearing is that people simply do not know whether to utilize COBRA coverage or purchase their own separate policies. written by Arthur Benz President, oXYGen Financial Insurance, Inc. Insurance Agency ...

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