OUCH! Is Your Wife Cheating On You With Amazon?

As I get to meet literally thousands of people every year to talk about personal finances and their struggles and successes toward building their net worth, I’ve noticed an interesting trend phenomenon that seems to have an uncontrollable growth.  That is the behemoth that we all know and have come to love as Amazon. Although it has snuck up on us quickly, there is at least one spendaholic in your household (or a very close friend or relative) that has been completely brainwashed and taken over by the alien Amazon nation.   As I recently perused the Amazon website, it dawned on me that Amazon may be one of the most aesthetically displeasing websites when you consider the pure design of a ‘pretty’ website.   But, being the math geek that I am, I counted 27 different pictures that I could click just on the top part of the main page that loaded up on my computer.  Then and only then did ...

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