Pay Off Credit Cards Or Save For Retirement?

You just turned 30 years old, and are still have credit card debt hanging over your head.   While you were out partying and paying off student loans during your 20’s, you realize that you haven’t saved a nickel for retirement.   The debate begins in your head.   Do I pay off the $10,000 of credit card debt or do I save the maximum I can in my 401(k)? The Dave Ramsey’s of the world would always say to pay off debt first before saving in a 401(k).  These are the personal finance situations where I don’t agree with a Dave Ramsey because it really does depend on your personal situation. The first thing I would look at is whether your company offers a 401(k) plan that has a match.  For example, if you put away 6% of your salary and your company matches 3% it would be an instant 50% return on your money if you stay with your company long ...

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Do you need disability insurance?

There are many types of insurance programs to manage these days. Yet, one of the programs most misunderstood by employees of companies and small business owners is the need for disability insurance. Since there are so many nuances of disability insurance, here are some key questions to ask yourself regarding your personal situation. What percentage of my income will you replace if I become disabled? At most employer programs it will be between 50% and 66%.  Will you cover commissions or bonuses on top of a base salary? In most cases, your employer will only cover your base salary. If you have a large bonus program or work commissions, you need to really review the fine print of your group policy.  What about 401(k) or other retirement contributions? Generally, this is not covered. The big question then is how will you continue to fund your retirement goals? Can the payout go up as my income goes up in the future? ...

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