When Are Companies Going To Learn To Just Shoot Straight?

I’m excited that 2012 is here and consumers are starting to realize that they can win the money battle when they know something is just flat out wrong with a new offering from their provider.    Large companies need to begin to realize that the consumer today is evolving.   They don’t mind paying a fair price for a good product or service.  Sometimes they will even pay a premium if the value is created for them.   However, what they won’t put up with anymore are these made up fees that are broadly titled like they are doing something good for the consumer when in reality it is just another tack on fee to add to the bottom line.    All companies need to understand that the consumer can handle that prices will go up.   They just want to know what it is without any gimmicks or tricks in a straight forward way.   Instead, we keep getting these insulting fees added to bills ...

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