Stop Trying To Impress People With Your Money

If you are really trying to get wealthy, there are important life lessons to learn that will make you a smart money moves person.   It’s very difficult to pull down your guard when it comes to money.  You might be ashamed or embarrassed around poor financial decisions you made, and then tend to overcompensate by spending too much money just to prove that you can keep up with your friends or neighbors.  Here is a great post on how to build up your bank account and leave the right impression on others. You don’t have to dress for success anymore– Has anyone seen Mark Zuckerburg as of late?   Jeans and a hoodie will do just fine.  Don’t worry about the label on your clothes or your pocketbook. It just doesn’t matter. Be a leader– Perhaps you can be the one to suggest walking around a local fair or flea market, or even going to a free park to throw a ...

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Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Have you ever heard that saying that money can burn a hole in your pocket?   Although you can find many different meanings for this expression, over the past decade I have seen spending run out of control on a personal level.   Eating out using to a perk for most families, and now an $80 meal during the week is the norm.    Picking up a luxury item only happened on special days like holidays or birthdays, but now people buy them whenever they are in the mood.   We have been conditioned over the past decade to always make sure we get the BEST!   Of course, why wouldn’t any of want the best if we could afford to buy it with our hard earned money. Credit cards have given many people power.    When you have money in the bank you feel like you have power.  With just a swipe of your debit card, you have the power.   Yes, because you have money ...

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