Financial Considerations For The First Marriage After 40

You almost gave up hope that you would meet Mr. Right.  Or maybe it is Ms. Right.  However fate struck lightning and you finally met the person that you are convinced you were meant to spend the rest of your life.    At some point, reality sets in as the wedding date gets closer and it starts to dawn on your that there may be real discussions that need to be had around money and financial goals.   Not something you typically discuss when you are enjoying fine dining, front row concerts, and swanky hotels on the beach. Remember, everybody has a financial story.  Especially the person that you are about to wed.   It is important to peel back the artichoke to better understand your partner’s attitudes and feelings around money and planning for overall financial goals.   Here are my five smart money move financial considerations for those that are getting married for the first time after 40. Should you get a ...

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How Marketers Manipulate Us To Buy More Stuff!!

Did you know that the highest paying job in America is and will always be marketing?  That’s right.  No matter how good your product is, it all doesn’t matter if you can’t get people to line up and make a purchase.   Marketers are smart.  Marketers are cunning.  Marketers (well some of them anyway) have learned the secret sauce that makes us want to buy more stuff even though we don’t really need it or even want it!   If you pay attention, you can learn the tricks of the trade but here are three ways that marketers learn how to separate you from your money: We Don’t Buy In Absolute Terms–   In one of my favorite books, Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely, he discussed the theory of relative pricing vs. absolute pricing.   Don’t confuse this with the idea of presenting you with three choices knowing that you’ll likely pick the one in the middle.  In the case below of the Economist ...

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Snoop Dogg Gets Approved Preferred Rates For Life Insurance?

Sometimes it really pays to have an insurance agent who knows what they are doing.   As rules and regulations get more complicated, this is why you want someone like me on your side.   The truth is I don’t have the foggiest idea if Snoop Dogg got approved preferred rates for life insurance, but what I do know is that it has been alleged that Snoop Dogg, Lady GaGa, and Willie Nelson have all rolled a joint or two in their lives.   With more than 19 states now offering medical marijuana and several states have legalized the sale of the pot, are there important things for you to know about this when you apply for life insurance? Of course having written insurance policies for over 20 years, I’ve heard just about everything when I take an application.  Uhhh . . . Ted . . . will marijuana show up on blood test?  If yes, how long do you figure it will ...

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