Should you buy a ‘combined’ insurance policy?

As technology changes, we are always looking for the latest and best upgrades so we are on the cutting edge.  Just like the technology sector,  the world of insurance policy design and implementation is constantly changing.  One of the most recent designs to hit the market is buying something called a combined insurance policy.    This kind of insurance policy is typically a cash value type life insurance policy combined with a long-term care rider.    Is this a good idea to combine both into one policy, or should you be looking at two separate policies to cover these risk management needs within your financial plan? Families have always bought life insurance (term or permanent insurance) over the years to cover for the short and long term needs in the event of a premature death of one of the partners our spouses in a family unit.  The amount of insurance a family needs has been long debated, but it’s best to use ...

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Smart Financial Moves After A Divorce

Divorce is one of those life events that may be one of the most difficult transitions any person has to make.  Some of the divorces end up amicably, while others end up with such irreconcilable differences that the two parties never speak again.   While lawyers usually end up in the middle of the finances when a couple gets divorced, here are five things I would recommend you consider reviewing after a divorce. 1. Check Your Credit Report–  When people are married, it isn’t always discussed on who is the owner of a particular credit card or loan obligation.  Reviewing all of your credit cards and loan obligations to make sure you are not joint on any of those items after the divorce, and ensuring your credit report is in good standing is an important step to take. 2. Review Your Beneficiary Designations–  Remember that items such as your 401(k), IRA’s, and insurance policies have a named beneficiary.  Despite what your ...

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Life Insurance For My Children?

Someone asked me the other day, “Ted, is it morbid to ask you whether I should buy life insurance on my children?”   It was an interesting question, and one we often get from parents.   The American Council of Life Insurers says that only about 15% of the people under the age of 18 have life insurance.  An average policy for people under 18 is around $5,000 with the primary purpose to cover funeral expenses and burial costs.  There are varying schools of thought on this subject in the financial community, and here are some considerations to think about around this subject. Remember that you as the parent are the real wage earner and the person that needs to be insured the most.   It is not recommended to buy life insurance on your children until you are adequately insured.   Since children for the large part don’t earn wages, any additional cost will be an extraneous expense to your budget. On the ...

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