Suze Orman’s New Prepaid Debit Card – Is it really a good thing for consumers?

It’s official.   Suze Orman is now in the game of selling financial products to consumers.    This past week she launched her new card called “The Approved Card” which is supposed to be a low cost alternative to other pre-paid debit cards in the market place.    While Suze gets on television to espouse the latest and greatest ways to make good decisions for your financial future, is a prepaid debit card something consumers need to make their financial picture better? Let me remind you some important notes about Suze Orman.  First and foremost that she isn’t a licensed financial advisor.    In fact, she hasn’t had a securities license since May of 1991.   There are tens of thousands of hard working licensed financial advisors out there trying to help clients every day.   While she spends countless numbers of hours on television trying to tell consumers to stay away from ‘high-priced’ products and avoiding paying people fees and/or commissions, it’s ironic that she ...

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