Would A Politician Admit To Insider Trading?

C’mon, we all know the answer to this question.   It does seem kind of mysterious that all of sudden this past week, the Senate finally passed a bill by an overwhelming 96-3 vote to ban members of Congress from benefiting for insider trading.   “We sent a strong message by strengthening our laws that public office is not for private gain,” said Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine. “The Senate came together in an overwhelming bipartisan fashion to correct the perception that insider trading is somehow going on in Washington, D.C. Whether or not members are engaging in insider trading, it is important that we respond to the perception that some members may be using their official position for private gain.” (source: www.abcnews.go.com) Perception . . . Senator Collins?  My dear, haven’t you heard in the 21st century that perception is reality and the reality is that these types of shenanigans has been going on far too long.   Who really knows who did ...

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