VIDEO | Is Four Inches Worth $39?

Published on Dec 10, 2012 I’m not sure if it’s just my imagination, but the seating and legroom on airplanes seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Let’s admit to ourselves that having a ‘B’ seat or an ‘E’ seat printed out on our ticket is always a nightmare when you haven’t planned in advance for a trip that has three seats on each side of the airplane. FULL ARTICLE – http://bit.ly/122URs0 You never really know whether or not your flight is going to be full. But when dealt one of these boarding passes at the checkout stand then it’s time to start thinking about plan B. That is unless you really want to chance being stuck within two very large people with nubby like arms so you understand the true meaning of being a sardine for the next three hours. I know what it is like as I have been there before. With more and more airlines trying to squeeze profitability out ...

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