The New Rule: Field Goal Bill Paying

Nobody likes paying bills.   Not longer than a few years ago, most people met the end of the month with the dreaded feeling of writing out checks and licking the back of envelopes—UGH!.   Over the past five years, many people in the United States have transitioned their bills from the check stuffing days to now merely having to fill in an amount and simply point and click.   With some providers sending you an e-bill alert now, you may not even have to remember when to pay the bill. I’ve learned over the past couple of years that the next generation of bill payers (your Generation X and Generation Y crowd) uses something that I like to call the Field Goal Rule when it comes to deciding whether or not to click the ‘pay now’ button.   Here’s how the rule works.   When a particular bill comes such as cable television, cell phone, or local water bill comes, a bill payer has ...

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Four Signs Your Job Might Be In Danger!

With the high unemployment we have today in the United States, it is more important than ever to prepare financially should you be laid off from your job.  You should make sure you have a fresh copy of your resume prepared in case of this unforeseen event.  We normally don’t wake up in the morning thinking that our job will be eliminated at our company, but here are four signs you should keep on your radar that your job may be on the cut line. Your Last Performance Review Was Lower Than Normal Most large companies will rate and rank their employees against a set of individual and corporate goals. They will have measures such as a G1 which equals far exceeds expectations, G2 above expectations, G3 meets expectations, G4 below expectations, and G5 far below expectations. Although many of think the last time we saw a bell curve being used was in our 9th grade chemistry class, large companies use bell curves each ...

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