Please Slap My Hand When I Spend Money!

For Generation X, I’ve noticed something over the past couple of years around money that seems to becoming a trend.    Even though you are college educated (maybe an MBA), have a great job as a VP of company, and have traveled to several countries around the globe, you’ve reverted to the behavior you had when you were in college.   The simple rule is this.  If there is money in your pocket, then it’s sure to catch fire sooner than later and burn a hole in your pocket.    It doesn’t matter if it is a new pair of boots you see in a magazine, a remodeling of your bathroom that could probably wait, or staying at the best hotels like a Ritz Carlton or the Four Seasons.   Gen X’ers have seen a terrible recession over the past few years, but the trend is returning that spending money is a hard habit to break.   Gen X’ers have that Cyndi Lauper slang in ...

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