He who hestitates…SAVES! Why it’s always worth the wait.

By: Genna Jenkin The Your Smart Money Moves Mom Hello, my name is Genna and I am a sales-a-holic.  I am in recovery, but everyday is a struggle.  I believe my addiction is congenital as I come from a long line of bargain boasters and I am hoping it doesn’t present itself in any of my children.  You know the types, they share legendary tales of high-end purchases made for next to nothing, often on items they didn’t really need. Our current culture totally feeds into this type of mentality.  We are constantly bombarded by flash sales, daily deals and reality television showing us all of the ways we can beat the system and get what we want (and more) for a rock-bottom price.  This, combined with wanting to provide our kids with all the things we didn’t have can make for a financial nightmare. The operative word  here is “want”.   We have all heard the much debated argument of ...

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Can Reality TV Save You Money?

I don’t watch a ton of reality television, but I guess it is hard to ignore that more than half the programming on network and cable channels alike are reality based.   Programs about housewives, chefs, real estate agents, swamp guys, aspiring musicians, pregnant teenagers, and people all living in a house together somewhere.  That’s true unless you watch hoarders which means those that were living in that house are now buried underneath some rancid lettuce, an old board game of Chutes and Ladders, and a lifetime supply of Good Housekeeping magazines.    Doesn’t it seem like the reality television boom is out of control?    What can we learn from this that can save us money?   Here is my official thought.   No need to pay for therapy ever again because there are three opinions I have formed from watching these shows. 1) We are all insecure –  I truly believe that we all have insecurities of some type.   For some people they ...

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