Is It The Right ‘TIME’ To Rent A Watch

Subscription programs.  Subscription programs.  It seems as if subscription programs are the new craze when it comes to getting consumers involved with having access to luxury items.  Since most Americans don’t have the real financial health to be making expensive discretionary purchases such as an exclusive second home in Paris, a 100 foot yacht, or a brand new Ferrari, subscription based programs have created access to sample some of most luxurious things in life with the stroke of a credit card order.   One recent evolution of this for businessmen is to be able to rent luxury watches. Typically, watches such as Rolex, Panerai, and Cartier may have been out of reach for many men.   Or perhaps you just couldn’t stomach the idea of forking out $10,000 or $15,000 for a watch that will be the only one you’ll wear for the next twenty years.   Wouldn’t it be nice to actually get some variety to the watches that you wear for ...

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